Veterinary Wound Healing Association

donderdag, 4 mei, 2017 - 10:00

International Conference of the VWHA in Amsterdam May 4th 2017

The VWHA is proud to announce the International Conference of the VWHA in Association with the European Wound Management Association.
It is a one day conference on May 4th, within the EWMA conference, which is held May 3rd-5th in Amsterdam.

Our theme: “The (non)sense of antimicrobials during wound treatment” will offer a lot of information about bacteria and their possible influence on wound healing, and answer questions we all encounter in everyday veterinary practice.
How can we diagnose whether bacteria are a problem, or not? And if they are, how to target treatment? Do we need antibiotics for treatment or can we omit their use and treat with alternative antimicrobial strategies? When would it be better not to treat bacteria at all?

Join us again, discussing the newest developments in open wound treatment with focus on antimicrobial treatment. A panel of renown experts in their field will present you with the latest news: VWHA conference 2017 program

In addition, the human conference will be open to all attendees to encourage information exchange.

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